• Boarding

  • Mares under light

  • Foaling

  • Sales Preparation

  • Breaking in

  • Resting

“Animated by a dedicated and passionate team, much attention is paid to the needs of the breeding stock. The well-being and confidence of the horse is placed at the heart of the management program in order to provide an education that favours its growth, evolution and progression.”


We offer a full breeding service in collaboration with experienced veterinarians, farriers, dentists and osteopaths.

Located in a region renowned for its excellent stud land, nothing is taken for granted from working with an agronomist to inform our feeding and land management program to cross grazing with cattle in order to optimise the renewal and integrity of our pastures.

Whether for the foal, the yearling or the break in, we have built several work programs inspired by different validated methods including manipulation from the earliest age, daily care and work.

We adhere to high standards of health and sanitation protocols from horse intake (e.g. quarantine boxes) to daily care of boxes, spaces and handling of tack, everything is well thought out to avoid injury or infections to staff or stock.

For further informations, please contact : Guillaume Sarda